Turn any web site into a Windows Program or Mac App

Turn any web site into a Windows Program or Mac App

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A site-specific browser (SSB) is a software application that is dedicated to accessing pages from a single source (site) on a computer network such as the Internet or a private intranet. SSBs typically simplify the more complex functions of a web browser by excluding the menus, toolbars and browser chrome associated with functions that are external to the workings of a single site. These applications can be started by using mostly a desktop icon.
Now you can turn any web site into a windows program or mac application. Sample Site Specific Brower App

Just download a SSB : Bazinga 4 Mac or Bazinga 4 PC and then rename the program or app to the name of any web site.

For instance rename the app or program to facebook.com on a Mac or facebook.com.exe on a Windows PC

You can make copies of your app or program and rename them to any other web site. Create as many as you want.

Every app or program you create is completely portable so you can share them with anyone including online software sites.

Each individual site specific app or program will remember the window size and position the next time you open it.

If you have your own web site you can turn it into a Windows Program or Mac Application. You can then distribute your program or app to all of the popular software sites and instantly get more visitors to your site.

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